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On Site SEO Optimization Factors – SEO Company in Chandigarh

At Online Chandigarh – best SEO Company in Chandigarh, here we have a dedicated team of expert SEO professionals who are responsible for the entire website analysis included in the Onsite optimization. Basically we deals in proper website analysis, analysing the keywords, meta title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, image optimization, title tags and alt tags followed by a full SEO report for XML Sitemap development and submitting it to Google for better indexing and crawling over search engines.
Website Analysis: When it comes to a detailed website analysis, it is the work of SEO analyst to check the entire website in detail. The links to the website, it’s indexing over Google Cache, its similarity to other websites, its back links to the other sites and back links coming towards the website from other sites etc. In addition to this, all the pages from the site got indexed over search engines. We need to check the status of the particular website over all famous and pop…

Lead Generation by Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation is generating interest of people towards any particular product or service which a company offers. It is the process of increasing the sales pipeline of a product through online market. It is the process to attract new visitors and strangers towards a product and convert them into customers or clients to own the service.
At SEO Company in Chandigarh, we follow some of the following strategies to earn business leads online:
Content Marketing: Content marketing can enhance the performance of any business webpage over search engines. It will also make it easy for our webpage to get easy visibility over search engines. We can do content marketing by posting blogs over several blogging sites defining our services for better understanding on several micro blogging websites. In addition to this, we can submit articles, press releases and content related posts over several informative websites to gain popularity about our brand and can generate leads through content marketing.

Some Onsite SEO Factors- Sitemap and Canonical Issues

Various On Site factors are responsible for good SEO results over search engines where Sitemap also plays a vital role in SEO paradigms. Most of the SEO experts stated that Sitemap can enhance the performance of websites over search engines.
Sitemap: Main purpose of a Sitemap is to deliver the detailed information including the central content of the website, its themes and makes it easy for search engine spiders and visitors to find the exact location for the information to find on the website.
Earlier, site maps were static HTML files which actually deliver information regarding the first and second level structure of a particular website. But the actual purpose of a site map seems to enable the list to make it easy for users to find the items on website easily. Moreover, a sitemap helps search engines to index all pages of a website easily. Now, we require an XML sitemap which are easy-to-read link dump for the spiders to index. Some web browsers display HTML sitemap and some displ…

On Site SEO Optimization Factor – Robot.txt

In search engine optimization, onsite SEO plays an important role to rank a particular website over search engines. Robot.txt is one of the major SEO factors we have discussed below in detail.
Robot.txt is a text file not an html file.  It is a file we can add to our website while doing SEO. It is a part of good SEO strategy which can add security to particular webpage. There are two of robot-txt features we can use to make a webpage to be crawled by the search engines which are stated as “Index” and “No Index”. While making the robot.txt = “index”, it means that we enable our webpage to be crawled by the search engines during searches. And in other case when we state robot.txt= “no index” means that we disable the indexing feature for crawling.
It depends on you which page you like to display over search engines.  If we have any sensitive data and we want to protect it from search engines, we can set the robot.txt status to no index.  In general, we should place the robot.txt featur…

Top Expert SEO Analysts Follow SEO Strategies

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is gaining popularity day by day. By considering the competition on online market, one will have to make a sense of their online presence on different websites. But due to heavy competitions it becomes difficult for a website to rank among the top searches on search engines like Google and Bing etc. But SEO i.e. search engine optimization can make it possible for every website to come forward on the first page.
At SEOCompany in Chandigarh, you will get the best SEO analysts and consultants to deliver you the most favorable consultation regarding gaining traffic and popularity online. In other words, find the best online reputation management over search engines. SEO Strategy requires some basic fundamentals to rank a website over search engines. It is really so simple and effective to rank a website among the top searches over search engines.

SEO analysts are responsible for continually enhancing the traffic rate of customers throughout websites by ke…

Latest Google SEO News and SEO Updates

Google regularly updates the searching algorithms for providing the best and quality results to users. People looks for everything on Google and it also provides our necessary results with accurate results. As a result, most of the people use Google as their default search engines for best answers to their queries.
Here, we have the list of Google Updates discusses as below:
Google Humming Bird:  This update was launched by Google in September 2013 and specially referred to the term “precise and fast”. Earlier the searches were came into result by matching some particular words on different web pages but now it focuses on the word meanings too. Now according to the humming bird update, searches are considered according to the full sentence or conversion in spite of single words. Now you will get the relevant information regarding a topic with the best answers with this valuable update launched by Google.
Google Mobile Friendly Update: Google launched a mobile friendly ranking algorithm …

An Effective Approach towards Top Ranks with Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a methodology for gaining top position keyword ranking on different search engines. It is also defined as the process of snatching traffic towards a particular website through on page SEO strategies as well as off page SEO strategies. These natural results on search engines are called as organic searches which are automatically shown on the Google and other search engines.
Basics of SEO SEO explained by experts include some major factors regarding search engine optimization. Some of them are discussed below:
On page SEO: It includes content, architecture as well as html present on the website. We need to make changes to these parameters on our website according to the search engine algorithms to make it SEO friendly website for all users.  
Off page SEO: Off page SEO is beneficial for the website because it is just providing back links towards our website through valuable websites on the search engines. Basically on page works a lot for our website to rank over search engines, …